Tree Pruning Tips


Often, tree pruning is done to reduce fire or utility hazards. Trees growing beneath phone or utility lines, for instance, have to be pruned for safe clearance. Some utilities do this service for a small fee, however, others will do it for free. For fire safety, trees and shrubs growing around homes will also be pruned routinely. Pruning stops the side of a building from getting too heavily shaded, which in turn, reduces the chances of rot, mildew, and mold from setting in.

Various tree species grow in their own unique way, which will require different approaches when it comes to pruning. Some trees, have to be pruned heavily, and will thrive when 40% of their volume has been removed. However, others will be more fragile, and have to be pruned and shaped over a period of years in order to avoid shocking it. As a rule of thumb, pruning is done in the late winter or early spring, as these are the times when a tree is dormant.



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